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University policy states that all full-time students must live on campus for three years or until the student reaches senior status or 21 years of age (must be attained prior to September 1st).  The first two years students must reside in the residence halls.  The third year students may choose either the residence halls or Campus Village depending on availability.  All students in University housing must be on a meal plan.

1.  The student lives at the permanent full time address of a parent, legal guardian, or University approved   family member within 35.0 driving miles of the University as determined by Google Maps

2.     The student is 21 years of age or older by September 1st of the academic year requested.

3.     The student is at senior level status (88 semester credits or more).

4.     The student is married.

5.     The student is caring for a dependent child.

6.     The student is a United States Veteran.

Housing Exemption Application must be submitted to the Office of Residence Life every year during open housing enrollment periods to qualify. Students who do not submit a housing exemption request form, do not meet the requirements for being exempt, or attempt to falsify information on the Housing Exemption Form will be charged full room and board for that academic year. Incoming transfer students and International Students must meet the residency requirement listed above and may also apply for an exemption if desired.