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Welcome to the Graduate College webpages on MySiena!
These pages are intended to provide prospective, current, and former students and faculty in our M.A. and Ed.S. programs with easier access to various useful resources, including important documents, student work products, job postings, and more.
This first page is intended primarily for prospective students/applicants and alumni.  The page intended for current students can be accessed by clicking on "Current Students" in the left-hand column. 
I welcome any feedback you may have about these pages.

Linda Sandel Pettit
Dean of the Graduate College
Graduate College Academic Calendar_2013-2014 (.pdf, 71K)
Key points:
Winter II 2014 term -  Monday 3/24 - Sunday 6/1
Summer 2013 term - Monday 6/10 - Sunday 8/18
Graduate College Academic Calendar_2014-2015 (.doc, 84K)
Prior Learning Credit Information and Form (.pdf, 41K)
Tuition and Fees 2013 - 2014 (.pdf, 71K)
Financial Aid update (.pdf, 211K)
New guidelines about federal financial aid came out in Fall 2011--please read!
Graduate College Student Handbook (.pdf, 554K)
Logging onto MySiena and eCollege (.docx, 44K)
Please see also the helpful online tutorials for various aspects of MySiena, eCollege, Microsoft products, and so on at
SHU Student Code of Conduct 2011-2012 (.pdf, 909K)
This document contains policies that apply to all SHU students, graduate and undergraduate.
Graduate College Office - Adrian Campus - Map and Directions (.doc, 1838K)
SHU Graduate College Catalog - Rev. 05/01/13 (.pdf, 1096K)
Withdrawal/Refund Policy (.pdf, 119K)
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My Writing Assistant

Nancy DeVooght

Graduate Writing Assistant


Nancy is working towards a master's degree in Secondary Education in Reading/K-12. Previously, Nancy spent a decade as a social studies teacher at Father Gabriel Richard High School in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Prior to that she worked twenty years for Washtenaw County Community Mental Health as a mental health worker in the University of Michigan Department of Psychiatric Emergency Services.

Nancy currently lives on a 100 acre farm in Manchester with an assortment of animals. Her proudest achievement was the raising of five children, who all graduated from a variety of undergraduate and master's degree programs. She has four grandchildren that require she travel frequently to Chicago and Washington, D.C. for fun.

Nancy strives to respond to student requests for assistance within 24 hours. However, students desiring review of papers should submit their work to Nancy a minimum of three days prior to the due date. Assistance will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis. It is recommended that when papers are being submitted that the best paper be sent--not a rough draft.

The purpose of the tutor is to advise and make recommendations. It is up to the student to make the changes in the paper. It is recommended that the student let the professor of their particular class know that they are using the tutoring service. Any contact with the tutor should include:

1.      Summary of the assignment;

2.      Identification of the class number and the name of the professor; and

3.      Date that the assignment is due.

The following are some of the helpful internet sites in regards to writing, citations, and academic search engines.

1.     American Psychological Association (APA) official website;

2.      Purdue Owl Writing Lab is extremely helpful with APA citations and grammar;

3.      Google scholar , in addition to the Siena Heights University database, is another academic search engine to use; and 

4.     Strunk and White The Elements of Style is a useful resource to review styles of writing. It is a widely available book and can be purchased at most bookstores and at several online retailers. A portion of the book is available here .   

5.     For help with Siena Heights University library databases, please contact Public Services Librarian and Associate Professor of Library Science,  Melissa Sissen at .

Please contact Nancy at to send your paper and any other questions you might have about the writing center services. 


Fall Deadline -             July 15
Winter Deadline -         November 15

NOTE:  Individual program directors may make adjustments to these general deadlines.
Transcript Request Form (.pdf, 22K)

Use this form to request official university transcripts to be sent to the Graduate College.

Admissions Essay Criteria (.docx, 42K)
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Writing Center Resource for Graduate and CPS Students
Counselor Education
For more information about the Counselor Education programs at Siena Heights University
Counselor Education on My Siena
Find more information about the Counselor Education programs on My Siena
For more information about the Leadership programs at Siena Heights University
Leadership M.A. Program on MySiena
Find more information about the Leadership M.A. program on MySiena
Teacher Education

For more information about the Teacher Education programs at Siena Heights University

Graduate Teacher Education on My Siena

Even more information about the Graduate Teacher Education program can be found on My Siena

Financial Aid Office
This link is to Siena's Financial Aid Office.
Completing the FAFSA form is a requirement in order to receive any financial aid at Siena.  This link is to the web pages for completing the required form.
Graduate College Facebook page
Friend us on Facebook!
Click on this link for a direct connection to the SHU Grad College Facebook page.

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MDE Education Connection Newsletter (.doc, 21K)
This most recent edition of this newsletter contains lots of information from the MDE on topics of great interest to teachers and administrators.  Here is the direct link: 
LISD Spring 2012 Planner (.pdf, 819K)
Please see the LISD's spring 2012 planner for continuing education opportunities.
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