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The "Elementary and Secondary Education" page contents:
  • Elementary and Secondary Certification Options
  • Certification Pathway
  • Initial Certifications
  • Teacher Education Forms
  • Student Teaching Forms
  • Websites and Resources Links

Elementary Education Certification Options

A candidate entering the Siena Heights University Teacher Education Program may choose either elementary,  secondary, or P-12 certification options. Below are the options available.   
I. Elementary Teacher Certification Plan A: Academic Major and Planned Minor
    In this plan, students may select any of the following academic subject areas as majors:
    English/Language Arts, Integrated Science, Mathematics or Social Studies
    Elementary Planned Minor (30-31 credits) consisting of the following courses is endorsed to the academic major and certifies candidates for all subjects in grades
    P-5 and P-8 in a self contained classroom:
    EDU 360:   Practicum
    SST 344:   Social Studies in the Elementary Classroom
    MAT 150: Math for Elementary Teachers I
    MAT 151: Math for Elementary Teachers II
    NSC 371: Science in the Elementary Classroom 
    TSC 341: Integreate Language Arts
    EDU 211: Health and Movement
    ART 352: Art in the Elementary School
    MSC 214: Music Activities for Children
    TSC 343: Teaching Creative Dramatics
    *** ***: World Language
II. Plan B: Elementary Comprehensive Major: endorsement in Early Childhood Education, Special Education or a World Language
    This is a 45 credit comprehensive major. To that they attach one of the three endorsements: 
    Early Childhood Education 26 credits (which leads to the ZS endorsement);
    Special Education; minimum of 36 credits, either Learning Disabilities or Cognitive Impairments
    Spanish; minimum 21 credits which allows the student to teach Spanish in grades K-8.

Secondary Education Certification Options

Siena Heights University is approved by the Michigan Department of Education to recommend candidates for secondary teacher certification. In Michigan, the term “secondary” refers to grades six through twelve (6-12). The holders of secondary teaching certificates are authorized to teach their academic major and minor(s) in grades six through twelve. To become certified as secondary school teachers, candidates must complete the following:
(1) an academic major: Biology, Chemistry, English, History Integrated Science, Mathematics, Social Studies,
(2) an academic minor: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Information Systems, English, History, Mathematics, Physical Education, Spanish
(3) the professional education sequence (37-40 semester hours)
(4) the liberal arts component (32-35 semester hours)
(5) successful passage of the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC) in both the major and the minor

Here you will find key application forms helpful to students from their first education class through their entire experience in the Teacher Education Program.

Intent into the Program (.pdf, 207K)
Candidacy to the Teacher Education Program (.doc, 421K)
Full Acceptance into the Teacher Education Program (.doc, 421K)
Request to Apply for Student Teaching (.doc, 431K)
Application for Student Teaching (.doc, 420K)
Initial Professional Certification (.pdf, 105K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.

Here you will find many of the forms needed for current students within the Teacher Education Program. These are used in multiple education classes.

Advising Degree Planner - Elementary (.pdf, 121K)
Advising Degree Planner - Secondary (.pdf, 9K)
Advising Planner - Secondary (.pdf, 8K)
Field Experience Log Sheet (.pdf, 16K)
Siena Heights Lesson Plan Format (.pdf, 54K)
Teacher Education Learning Outcomes (.doc, 37K)
Lesson Plan Format (.doc, 35K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.

On this page you will find forms and facts about how to move through the Certification Pathway

Interested in becoming an educator? Begin the Certification Pathway by enrolling in EDU 201 Principles of Teaching. If after that course you are ready to move forward, below you will find forms that will help you maneuver through the pathway!

Intent Application 2016.pdf

Candidacy Application 2016.pdf

Full Acceptance Application 2016.pdf

Student Teaching Application 2016.pdf 

Self Reporting Criminal Background Check.pdf

Certification Pathway Flowchart 2016.pdf